Tatsuya Nakatani/Forbes Graham - Essences


A recording of a meeting between trumpet player Forbes Graham and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, Essences is shamanic, ceremonial, and yet urgent. Nakatani is practically orchestral on this disc, wielding an arsenal of bells, bowls, and gongs. Graham switches between trumpet and piccolo trumpet, although most would be hard pressed to tell which he is playing. Starting off in a meditative, sonorous state and building to a pattering panoply of rhythms, Essences is an exploration of the folding and unfolding of mysteries and secrets.

Recorded by Kevin Frenette at The Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, Hyde Park MA. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Frenette in Randolph, MA.

Tatsuya Nakatani - percussion
Forbes Graham - trumpet, piccolo trumpet

Cardamom 8:15
Vanilla 7:45
Lavender 5:46
Myrrh 10:18
Basil 5:13
Sage 4:15
Sandalwood 5:28