Wild May - Infrastructures


Infrastructures is a recording of free and structured improvisations based on graphic scores created by Forbes Graham. This quartet has been playing in Boston since 2007. Infrastructures is a cerebral, algorithmic, and collaborative work that demands careful listening.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Firehouse 12, New Haven CT by Nick Lloyd.

Forbes Graham - trumpet
Luther Gray - percussion
Kevin Frenette - guitar
Ryan McGuire - bass

Laurence Cook/Jim Hobbs - tragedies of love


A meeting between two highly regarded underground Boston based improvisers. tragedies of love is a delicate mystical brew that bubbles into explosive moments through a careful alchemical process. It was recorded live at Outpost 186 in March 2009.

Recorded live by Jim Hobbs at Outpost 186, Cambridge MA and mastered by Kevin Frenette in Randolph, MA.

Laurence Cook - percussion
Jim Hobbs - alto saxophone

Tatsuya Nakatani/Forbes Graham - Essences


A recording of a meeting between trumpet player Forbes Graham and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, Essences is shamanic, ceremonial, and yet urgent. Nakatani is practically orchestral on this disc, wielding an arsenal of bells, bowls, and gongs. Graham switches between trumpet and piccolo trumpet, although most would be hard pressed to tell which he is playing. Starting off in a meditative, sonorous state and building to a pattering panoply of rhythms, Essences is an exploration of the folding and unfolding of mysteries and secrets.

Forbes Graham - I Won't Stop


Combining material from "Everybody's Gone" and new tracks "Drowned", "Echoes", and "Ghost Howls", avant trumpeter Forbes Graham's newest release "I Won't Stop" successfully traverses many genres. Modern improvisation meets noise, glitchy electronics, noise, and more on this cd.

Recorded by Forbes Graham on a laptop computer in various New England locations. Mastered by James Plotkin in Philadelphia, PA.

Forbes Graham - trumpet, computer generated sound, drum programming

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